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Fire Recovery

Fire Recovery

  • Dear Friends,

    On Shabbat, early morning, at approximately, 4:00 AM, a fire broke out at the community Shul at the Chabad House. South Placer Fire Department responded immediately via dispatch from smoke alarm and extinguished the fire. The fire detectives have deemed the fire accidental and ruled out arson.

    While the Shul has been badly affected by smoke and fire damage, thank G-d there were no injuries. We are very grateful to the quick response by SPFD which ensured our torah scrolls were spared from any damage and are safe. 

    Despite this unexpected horrific welcome Shabbat morning, the Chassidus class and shabbat services went on as scheduled, thanks to positive energy of those present.

    G-d willing school and services will continue uninterrupted, as scheduled, while we work diligently towards the restoration and rebuilding. 

    At this time I ask of your assistance in turning negative fire into a positive flame.  As in all matters of our Jewish tradition, we focus not only on the physical but also on the spiritual, realizing they are interconnected.

    a) We are encouraging all women and girls to kindle shabbat candles in your homes, thus bringing positive light and warmth to our families and community - CLICK HERE to learn about this Mitzvah.

    b) Help us restore and rebuild our Shul,scroll down to donate and sign up to assist as needed. 

    What we don’t know:

    The extent of the work and time involved in doing the complete renovation.

    Why this had to happen.

    What we do know:

    There is a lot of work ahead of us.

    Discussing the "what if’s" and "why" is frustrating and futile.

    The care and concern of our Jewish community thus far has warmed our hearts. We love you guys. 

    We will not let this obstacle get in the way of the energetic work of Chabad. We will continue with our full roster of programs and services, using creativity, ingenuity and sheer motivation.

    Your support for our work, both emotional and financial, means a lot to us at this time.


    Rabbi Yossi Korik 

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